Marketing Manager – Stirling Lloyd Ltd

Stirling Lloyd specialises in the development, manufacture and application of waterproofing and structural protection systems for the construction and civil engineering industries. Quite a specialist subject, but the whichmedia team immediately got to grips with our target market and our customers’ behaviour to develop campaigns that work really hard. Utilising their professionalism, market knowledge and media experience, whichmedia has put our advertising spend to excellent use and refined our ideas to make the budget stretch even further.

Working with whichmedia is cost effective, as we achieve competitive advertising rates at no cost for the service. We’ve now been working with the team since 2004 and they’ve consistently provided a great service. It’s ideal as they help with the planning of an advertising campaign, undertaking the time consuming research and removing the hassle of dealing directly with the magazines – with the added bonus they are a pleasure to work with.